Wednesday Night Gaming 06/26/24 Ice Station Zebra

The temperatures outside might have been hot, but it was a cold blizzard on the table at Fantasy Books & Games as Ray Gluck presented “Ice Station Zebra” for the Wednesday Night crowd using Fist Full of Lead Rules. But let’s let Ray tell you the story of this adventure….

“During the Wednesday Night Gaming at Fantasy Books and Games, Ray Gluck presented a Fistful of Lead game combining elements from two pop culture classics, Ice Station Zebra and John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’.  We had a full house of 8 players, each with a 4-person team with unique skills. ” 

“The scenario required the players to advance towards and clear an arctic research outpost which had radioed for help before going silent.  This time two squads of Russians arrived in a submarine instead of as paratroopers (Steve L and Craig). The USS Tigerfish arrived with two squads of US Marines (John and Mike C).  Also on the board was McCready (Dave M) and his crew, a rescue party sent by the United Nations (Steve K), some Inuit hunters (AJ) responding to the distress call, and oddly enough a group of tourists on an ‘Adventure Vacation’ (Adam J).”

“The tourists made first ‘contact’ and one was promptly mauled by a very hungry wolf.  The Marines encountered a scientist from the outpost wandering in the blizzard and hurried him back to their submarine for some hot cocoa.  As the groups advanced, they encountered some additional packs of wolfs and McCready, having had enough delays, dynamited the largest and most aggressive pack clearing the way for his team to advance.  Several sled dogs were collected and tested for infection.  Some were infected, some were not, triggering the Russians to shoot at the dogs in defense.” 

“While the Russians were engaging ‘potentially’ harmless dogs, the Marines made it into the compound and rescued another scientist.  Unfortunately, the back of the Quonset hut contained ‘The Thing’ which promptly tore the first Marine in half.  Additional Marines opened fire through the windows but realized their weapons had frozen.  The Thing then burst through the wall of the Quonset hut and engaged in close combat, tearing another marine in half.  Unfortunately for it, there were many other automatic weapons that were not frozen, and the Thing died in a hail of 5.56 rounds from the Marines and rifle fire from the hunters.”

“While the Marines were dealing with the Thing with some help from the Inuit and McCready, the tourists had also found a scientist and were affecting a rescue when the Russians opened fire killing the tourist and capturing the scientist.  This war crime is now being invested by the UN but is pretty much par the course for the ‘Russians’.”

“As the Thing was now dead, and all objective markers flipped, the game was called.  Marine squad #1 had 29 VP, followed by squad #2 with 16 VP and the Veteran Thing fighter McCready with 15 VP.”

Thanks Ray for this superb game and great AAR! As always a big Thank You to the wonderful staff of Fantasy Books & Games in O’Fallon, IL

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