About the Big Muddy Historical Gaming Alliance

The Big Muddy Historical Gaming Alliance – St. Louis (BMHGA) strives to support and build the historical gaming hobby in the St. Louis Metro Area by conducting demonstrations, delivering presentations at conventions, schools. libraries, and participating in other events where the theme includes military or gaming.

BMHGA is headquartered in the greater St. Louis, Missouri metropolitan area. Historically-accurate gaming is BMHGA’s core effort, but although our focus is on historically-accurate gaming we welcome gamers and play games of all types, including miniature table top games, historical games, board games, and role playing games. BMHGA is dedicated to bringing gamers of all ages and gaming interests together, and it seeks to encourage and grow gaming in St. Louis while welcoming, interacting with and supporting fellow gamers in other cities and regions.

BMHGA hosts three gaming events each week, a monthly game day on the first Saturday of each month, and two conventions each year. Please see our event calendar for more information.

Interested in joining us? Email us to for more information!