Command Con Lite 2023

Our premier Autumn Mini Con was held on Saturday November 11, 2023 at Miniature Market Retail Superstore 13380 Manchester Road, St. Louis, MO 63131 here’s a wrap up.

And now a look at the day’s line up of great games…….

Command Con Lite Session One 11:30AM – 3:30PM

Table One

Channel Hopping! : 

Plucky Brits and Dastardly Fistful of Lead by Wiley Games. Germans fight it out in a cross-channel adventure to gain intelligence, loot, and the upper hand for the forthcoming invasion. Fast- playing and fast-paced action for six players!
MINIATURE SCALE: 28mm (2-6 players)

Andrew Biedenstein GM

Table Two

The Push of Pikes: Love those Pikes and Boom Sticks (Muskets) Pike and Shotte by Warlord Games (minor modifying)MINIATURE SCALE: 28mm (2-4 players). Harry Borschardt GM

Table Three

AAR of Defensive Point nr.54 by John Nozka

Major Hoffmeister has decided to dispatch three reinforced platoons led by Second Lieutenants Rohr, Oppert, and Stelzner to deal with Polish Defensive Point nr.54. Given their advance so far into Poland, he believes this should be sufficient force to overcome the Polish defenses. The force was formidable, consisting of three command sections, seven infantry squads, three sapper teams, a light mortar section, and an MMG team. The platoons slowly entered the area with two thirds of them approaching on the right and one third on the left. They could barely make out the bunkers when mortar rounds started crashing around one of the infantry squads. Luckily no casualties were reported and all three platoons continued their cautious advance towards the bunkers. Soon there was a scream, “PLANE!”. Everyone gazed upward and saw a Pzl P.23C light bomber diving on one of the infantry squads. Machine gun rounds kicked up dirt all around as bombs started exploding amongst the squad members. Eventually, two men lay dead and several nearby units were suppressed by the attacking aircraft. Barely had they recovered when mortar rounds started exploding within another squad. After the smoke cleared, three more infantrymen lay dead. The Lieutenants ushered their men forward. As they moved forward, the bunker opposing the right force opened up, killing a soldier. Then another scream of “PLANE!”. This time a Pzl P.11f fighter dove, but must have been a rookie pilot as he machine gunned a nearby sheep’s pen. However, he must have realized his mistake because he soon returned and this time killed two more soldiers in a strafing attack. Getting nearer the bunkers, soon a P.23B bore down on the advancing Germans, but his bombs fell errantly away from any units. As the Germans made their way around a gated garden, there was a sharp crack of a rifle and Second Lieutenant Rohr was seen slumping to the ground, the victim of a Polish marksman. The word spread, ‘Sniper in the area’. Soon another Polish P.11c fighter was diving on the troops within the gated garden. The exposed Sapper team took the brunt of this attack, suffering one casualty. In addition to causing the casualty, the strafing attack also suppressed several German units in and around the garden, slowing the advance on the bunkers. Not long afterwards, a Polish infantry squad opened up and eliminated the remnants of a German infantry squad that had been taking heavy fire from the bunker opposing the left side German force. As if that was not enough, yet another P.23B rolled in and wiped out a Sapper team on the right side force. Lieutenant Oppert and Selzner looked around at the remaining troops and realized that this position was too potent for them to take on their own and the Poles obviously were achieving air superiority in the area. Slowly they ordered a retreat back to their parent battalion to report the strength of this Polish Defensive Point.

Note: The Poles did not take any casualties despite several attempts to kill the Polish Marksman. The Germans did manage to put one round through the slit of a bunker but without causing any casualties.

Table Four

Bring out yer Dead – Battle Masters goes Medieval: Milton Bradley/Games Workshop ): Modified for Medieval tactics. Themed on the battles fought during the Hundred Years War, a fun, easy-play variant of the 1992 Battle Masters game commences, as the echo of steel hitting shields resounds across the tabletop! MINIATURE SCALE: 15mm (2-6 players). Dave Schaffner GM

Table Five

Plains Indian Wars: Miniature Conversion of GMT’s Plains Indian Wars by Pat Lewis

Two great games of this GMT board game converted to 3D with Baccus figures.

Both games won by the tribes.  First game was close with the transcontinental RR completed
Both sides struggled over the bloody finish line.

Second game was very tough for Settlers as they failed roll after roll to clear the Sierras into Nevada.  The results meant the Indians decimated cavalry and Settlers with a vengeance!

Still everyone smoked peace-pipes at game end with lots of fun having maintained their scalps!

Area movement game from GMT set with 6mm figs. 4-person game, attempting to build the transcontinental railroad thru the West through Injun country. Let’s see who ends with his scalp!

MINIATURE SCALE: 6mm (2-4 players) Patrick Lewis GM

Table Six

Canvas Eagles Game photo credits Glenn Wilson

WWI Over the Trenches – Air Combat in the Great War 1917:  Rules by Eric Hotz. It’s 1917 and the war grinds on. Today the German High Command has ordered an attack on the British lines. German reconnaissance aircraft escorted by fighters will spot for the artillery barrage. Meanwhile a British patrol just happens to be in the area. A determined dogfight ensues between the two belligerents. MINIATURE SCALE: 1/72 (4-12 players). Steve King GM

Table Eight

The Great Turkey Hunt: One Hour Skirmish Wargames Rules by Pen & Sword Publications. A French & Indian Wars scenario that pitted Roger’s Rangers against French Canadian Courer Du Bois and some Native Americans. The player’s units after a long days march had been assigned the task of finding tonight’s dinner for the officer’s mess out in the woods over there. Mark, Eddie & Pete started out the multi game session with Mark (Roger’s Rangers) quickly grabbing a bird for the pot. Eddie (Woodland Indians) eventually grabbed one but only after a tough fight. Bryson (Roger’s Rangers) & Tim (Courer Du Bois) joined in the fray a bit later both learning that there were more than turkeys in the woods and that the other hunting parties were far from friendly. As the rules play very quickly we were able to run 6 games in the four hour session. Kevin Fitzpatrick GM

New this year to Command Con Lite – Historical Board Wargaming!

Command Con Lite Session Two 5:00PM – 9:PM

Table One

Onward to Stalingrad: Jagdpanzer 2nd Edition by Jagdpanzer. The 4th Panzer Army is on the Southwestern approaches to Stalingrad.  Colonel-General Hoth has directed the lead elements to press forward as rapidly as possible.  Russian resistance has been negligible since crossing the Don—it appears the Germans will quickly take Stalingrad and the Caucasus and end the war before Christmas 1942. The Russians screening Stalingrad from the Southwest might have something to say about this. This will be a meeting engagement at the company level of the lead elements. MINIATURE SCALE: 15mm (2-4 players). Ray Gluck GM

Table Four

Wilson’s Creek: Black Powder Epic Scale by Warlord Games. Description TBD  MINIATURE SCALE: 15mm (2-4 players). Ed Gray GM

Confederates under Brigadier General Benjamin McCulloch and Missouri State Guard troops under Maj. Gen. Sterling Price approached Brig. Gen. Nathaniel Lyon’s Army of the West, camped at Springfield. On August 10, the clash of these forces took place on Wilson’s Creek  about 10 miles southwest of Springfield, Missouri. The battle went to the Union in this case after an aggressive attack on the Confederate right where accurate fire buckled and eventually broke the line.

Table Five

The Battle of Brandywine 1777: Great and Glorious Days (Home Rules). It is the early fall of 1777 the Revolutionary War is in its second year.  The British, angry after the defeats of Trenton and Princeton the previous winter, have decided to attack the capital Philadelphia and put an end to this annoying rebellion.  Washington moves his army south and blocks the British advance at Chadd’s Ford the only crossing point of the Brandywine River on the road to Philadelphia. MINIATURE SCALE: 15mm (2-6 players). Steven King GM