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Games for sale as described on list.

Listed prices are taken from Board Game Geek & Noble Knight Games Retail pricing.

All prices are very negotiable.

Contact for information.

Tim Low Miniature Painting Service

Turn that pile of shame into figures ready to go for your next gaming session!

Historical, Sci-Fi & Fantasy 15mm and 25mm figs painted at very reasonable prices.

Contact for more information.

PC Games Early Spring Cleanout.

Veteran gamer Tom Fink who got at least one of us started in the hobby is looking to re-home these vintage games. Contact with your selections and we will put you in contact with Tom.

And some RPG’s to add to the above liste

BattleTech:  Return of Kerensky, Technical Readout 3050:  You need the BattleTech rule book to take full advantage of this one. 

Dark Conspiracy from Game Designers Workshop (GDW). Includes the full rulebook, the Darktek Sourcebook, and 3 adventures:  New Orleans, Heart of Darkness, and Hellsgate

Traveller:  A New Era also from GDW. 

Updated 02/24/24 Terry Callahan Collection

Ray Gluck is handling the remainder of Terry’s Collection and is hoping to sell it locally. Anyone interested please contact and we will forward your email to Ray for him to contact you. Here are photos of the spreadsheet Ray provided us. In the process to create post-able photos from the spreadsheets some information was lost. We have tried to get the scale noted above the miniatures but may have missed some. In all cases the information that Ray provides you when you contact him supersedes anything posted here. All items are subject to prior sale.

6mm American Civil War & 1/285th WWII/Modern Armor

1/1200 scale WWII Ships and 1/300 scale aircraft

First listing is a continuation of the 1/300 scale aircraft followed by a listing of 1/1250 scale aircraft

Again for further information or to buy any of the above contact and we will put you in contact with Ray Gluck.

Wings of Glory WWI Players

If you are like me, sometimes the maneuver cards get mixed up or left out when packing up the game. I came across a list that matches up the maneuver decks with the aircraft on Facebook so if you are in need of sorting things out or have extra cards around when it’s all packed up let me know and I will send you the Excel list. 

Contact Kevin Fitzpatrick at

Powell Hall is looking for a copy of Axis & Allies Zombies edition. Anyone that has one and would like to part with it contact him at

Bill Doelling is looking for 15mm ACW Cavalry Command figs for both Union or Confederate. Contact him at

Todd Reed is offering 387 stands of 6mm wwii troops and vehicles.

  • They’re painted to game quality except for the few that I got from the Dave’s which are painted quite nice.
  • I have some soviet and a lot of German and US. Mostly GHQ, the value is generally worth about $600 based on when I bought them from GHQ 10 years ago.
  • I would rather sell to someone local or within some decent driving distance so I don’t have to ship them.
  • Please share with your friends and anyone you think may be interested.
  • I’m looking to sell them for $350 OBO. I won’t be offended by offers.
  • Side note: 25% of the sale will go to a fellow board wargamer, Mark Ruggerio who is battling cancer (his wife is also fighting her own case!)”
  • If I do have to ship them, buyer will pay shipping and I will do everything possible to pack them well.

Link for a listing of the figures is below.…/1Jw6ZTiWotZZlbpvJhMSJ…/edit

FOR SALE: Clear Acrylic Bases

Clear acrylic bases in various sizes. $1 each or 5 for $4. Sizes and shapes available:

  • 3.75 x 3.75 Square
  • 4.25 x 4.25 Square
  • 3.75 x 3.75 Hexagon

Available while supplies last! Call Les Hostetler @ 618-910-0609 or