Semi Regular Retirees Game 04/04/24 1754 & Godzilla Island

  Two games on the tables today at Miniature Market Cave Springs as Pat Lewis hosted his beautifully crafted jumbo 1754 game of the French & Indian Wars. Steve T & Chris K (Team France) took on Mark W & Tom S. (Team British Colonials) in a game seeing fortunes swing back & forth.

We understand the Tom had some hot cards in the mix and pulled a fast one at the end laying down his three cards with one of them switching the allegiance of the Natives much to the chagrin of the French players. The score ended up with Brit/Americans at 6 and Team France at 4. 

   On table two Godzilla fended off incursions to his peaceful island by Kurt L & Bill D both hoping to tranquilize the creature taking it back to their respective schools for study. In the end Godzilla had received a hefty dose of tranquilizers but used his atomic breath to great effect on the planes and pilots.

A big Thanks to both Bill & Kurt for their suggestions in tweaking this scenario of Wings of Glory/Tripods & Triplanes

This will be among several games that we will be using as demonstrators for the Family Game Section of Barracks Battles @ DieCon 2024 and later at Archon to introduce table top miniature gaming to new players.

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